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Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) affords the consumer the opportunity to live in the community as independently as possible. This program is designed to enable the consumer to take an active, responsible role in planning their home care.

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Chris Nobriga says, "CDPAP has provided me with the tools to allow me to control my own dreams and destiny. It has also enhanced my quality of life and gives me the opportunity to live independently in the community directing my own personal care based upon my lifestyle choices."


  • The CDPAP is a long-term home-care program that enables the service recipients to receive Personal Assistance Services free of the constraints that would otherwise be imposed upon them by a more formal health care environment.
  • The CDPAP can enable a Consumer to direct their Personal Assistant in the provision of a wide range of services that can include basic housekeeping, personal care or high level nursing services. 



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